Third Day

This is the way Jesus the Child began his incarnate life.  Let us Consider the glorious soul and the holy flesh He had taken and let us adore him profoundly.

Let us first admire this divine Child’s soul, let us consider in it the fullness of its sanctified grace, his beatific science for which, since the first moment of his life, he saw the divine essence more clearly than all the angels and read the past and the future with all knowledge.

He never acquired any new knowledge which had not already been infused from the beginning of his being; but He chose to subject himself and suffer the ills of humanity, although they were not necessary for the accomplishment of His great task.  Let us pray that His divine grace strengthen our weaknesses and  energize them, that his memory teach us to remember his blessings, and that His understanding help us to think of Him, to accept His will, to be able  always to follow Him.

Let’s go from considering the soul of Baby Jesus, to considering His body, which was a world of wonder, a masterpiece of God’s hands.  It was not like ours, an obstacle for His soul, on the contrary, a new element of sanctity. He wanted his body to be small and weak like any child’s, as well as subject to all the discomforts of infancy for Him to be equal to us and partake of our humiliations.  The Holy Spirit formed his little body with such tenderness and such capacity of feeling, so He could suffer deeply to fulfill the great task of our Redemption.  The beauty of this divine Child’s body was far superior to anything ever imagined, and the divine blood that flowed through his veins from the very moment of his Incarnation is the one that cleanses the sins of the world.  Let us ask him to cleanse our faults through the Sacrament of Penance, so in the day of his Nativity, He finds us purified, forgiven and willing to receive him with love and spiritual gain.

(Novena continues like First Day)