Sixth Day

Jesus was conceived in Nazareth, where Joseph and Mary lived, and that was the place where He should have been born. But God had other plans, and the prophets had announced that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem of Judah, the city of David.

For this to be possible, God used a way that did not seem to have any relationship to this matter. Emperor Cesar Augustus ordered that everybody should be registered for the census in the place where they were originally born.  Mary and Joseph, as descendants of David, were not exempt from having to go to Bethlehem.  Neither Mary’s advanced pregnancy nor did Joseph’s need for a job excuse them from this long and uncomfortable trip during the most difficult season of the year. It was winter time.

Knowing the place He should be born, Jesus inspired his parents to rely on the Divine Providence and this way they allowed for God’s will to be done. We should look closely at the way baby Jesus led his parents’ lives because it is most important for our spiritual life. We have to realize that those who turn their lives to God no longer own them; it is God who takes control of their lives, and they will do only whatever God has decided for them, which may, include a change of residence.

Look at how Jesus always relied on God and His unconditional obedience; this is the essence of the spiritual life that the saints practiced during their life on this earth. They learned to follow God wherever He led them, absolutely renouncing their own will.

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