Seventh Day

Let’s imagine Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem, and traveling with them is the unborn Creator of the Universe, who is to become man.  Let us contemplate the baby Jesus’s humility and obedience, that even though of Jewish heritage and having loved his people for centuries because they were the chosen ones, He obeys the orders from a foreign prince who wants a census of the population of his province – it is as if there were something flattering for Him behind this circumstance, as if He would like to take advantage of this opportunity that when He comes into this world, he becomes officially a feudal subject.  Isn’t it strange that this humiliation, which at times causes repugnance among common creatures, seems to be the only attractive thing for the Creator?  Doesn’t the humility of Jesus teach us to love this precious virtue?

Oh, let’s hope that the time comes soon when we can see Him, for whom we have been waiting so long. The world immersed in darkness is seeking, and yet not finding the answer to its worries, and is longing for the Savior to come.

The human mind cannot explain the longing for Jesus and the expectations of Mary.  Our Father, if we may use this expression, was lovingly impatient to offer His only Son to the world, and watch Him take His place among all visible creatures.  The Holy Spirit is also anxiously wishing to present to the whole world this Holy person, whom the Spirit has created with special and divine care.

As for the Divine Baby, the reason behind so many longings, let us remember that He is coming towards us just as He did when he was heading towards Bethlehem.  Let us get ready for the moment of His arrival; let us purify our hearts so that they can be worthy to become His mansion on this earth.  That our acts of humbleness and detachment may prepare the Lord’s ways.

(Novena continues like First Day)