Fourth Day

Jesus the Child started to put into practice his total submission to God from the time He was in His mother’s womb, and He continued doing it without interruption during His entire life. Jesus adored his eternal Father: He loved Him, He submitted to His will; He accepted this new stage in which He found Himself, with all the weaknesses, all of the humiliation, all the discomforts of the human being. Which one of us would willingly lower ourselves to a similar state without complete knowledge of reason or reflection? Who could knowingly maintain such an extended martyrdom? In this way, the Divine Child entered in His painful and humiliating journey; thus He began to humble Himself before His Father, to teach us what God deserves from His creatures and to show us how to expiate our pride, origin of all our sins, and to make us feel all the evilness  and chaos of this pride.

If we want truly pray, we need to start by contemplating the Child in His mother’s womb. The Divine Child prays in the most excellent way: He does not speak, He does not meditate, and He does not break down in tender affection. He accepts His new state with the intention of honoring God in His prayer; and in that state He expresses all that God deserves, and shows us how God wants us to love Him.

Let us all join together in prayer with the divine Child in Mary’s womb; let us join Him in his profound sorrow, and let this be our first step of sacrifice to God, not to be something, as our vanity continually seeks to be, but to be nothing, to be eternally consumed, to renounce our own self-esteem and our greatness, not only material but also spiritual. Let us humble ourselves, so that God can be everything for us.

(Novena continues like First Day)