Second Day

The word is about to become flesh in the holy house of Nazareth, when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary who was alone and submerged in prayer.

 She spent silent hours of the night in close union with God. While praying the Word took possession of Mary God sent St. Gabriel the Archangel to Mary with a message asking for her consent for the incarnation to take place. The creator didn’t want this mystery to take place without the agreement of His creature.

 This was a solemn moment; Mary had the choice to refuse to participate in this grand mystery. The Holy Trinity waited with patience for Mary to open her lips and to pronounce the Fiat. It must have sounded like a melody that confirmed her profound humility to his divine will.

 The immaculate virgin has given her consent. The Archangel has disappeared and God has taken on a human nature. The Word became flesh and the creation has been completed.

 The heavens exploded with celebration while Mary kept quiet union with God. The Divine Verb took human appearance, and even though He was still invisible to the world, He was already dwelling among them for whom He came to the world to save from the sin. He was not only the Divine Verb, He was the baby Jesus with a human flesh, confirming all the praises of the prophets and all generations calling Him the most beautiful among human kind.

 (Novena continues like First Day)