Fifth Day

We have already seen the life that Jesus led next to his virginal mother.  Let’s look today at Mary’s life during this same period of time. We need to pause and mediate on it, if we want to understand the mysteries of the incarnation and the way we have to respond to them.

Mary never ceases to yearn for the time when she would enjoy the earthly beatific vision, the face of God incarnate.  She was ready to see the human face that would shine in heaven for eternity. She was going to see the great love shining in those eyes that would forever spread happiness in millions of the chosen ones.  She was going to see this face every day, in every moment of her life during the many years to come. She was going to see the innocence of the infant and the enchantment of the youth, as well as the reflective serenity of mature age. She would have everything she would desire from that holy face; she could hold Him closely to her and with maternal love she could kiss the lips that will judge all the mortals. She would contemplate Him in his sleep or while He was awake for as long as she wanted to. Oh, how she desired that day would come!

Such was Mary’s life of expectation.  Even though it was an overwhelming experience, she never ceased to follow the magnificent Christian life. It is not enough just to see how Jesus lived in Mary, but we have to realize that His spirit also lives in us. Jesus is born in our hearts every time we do a good deed. The heart of those who are in the grace of God is a place of dwelling for baby Jesus, as was Mary’s womb for Him; it is an endless personal Bethlehem. After we receive Holy Communion, Jesus lives in us as God and as a man, because this same child that was in Mary’s womb is also in the Holy Sacrament. In this way, we share with the Virgin Mary those wonderful months and the excitement of waiting for Jesus’ birth.

 (Novena continues like First Day)