Eighth Day

Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem looking for a place to stay, but they couldn’t find anything because there was nothing available or because they were so poor. No one can destroy the peace of those who believe in God, and if Joseph was anxious when they were rejected from each house, it was because he was worried about Mary and the Child.  But at the same time, his sadness disappeared when he looked at his holy wife. The unborn Baby was embracing the rejection because it was the prelude to the humiliations to come.

Every rude person, every door closed on them, was like a sweet melody to His ears. These actions were why he had to take a human form.

Oh holy Baby from Bethlehem!! On these days where most people are enjoying parties and resting in their comfortable and luxurious mansions, it has been exhausting days full of struggles for your parents. The spirit of Bethlehem is the same as that of a world that has forgotten God. How many times has this been ours? Don’t we close the door constantly with rudeness and ignorance to the Lord’s calling to turn our souls to Him, to make sacrifices and to always accept His will? Don’t we always complain whenever we are going through difficult times even though it is Jesus passing by? God comes to us many times in our life, but we reject him and don’t recognize Him until he leaves us.

It is the sunset of the 24th of December; the sun is almost vanished behind the houses in Bethlehem and the last sunshine is covering the mountains near the city.

Rude men turn their backs on the Lord in the streets of this oriental town and they close their doors once they see His mother coming to them. The sky looks purple on top of the foothills where the shepherds roam. The stars show up one after the other. And a couple of hours later the “Eternal Verb” will show up.

(Novena continues like First Day)