First Day

In the beginning, the Word rested in his father’s bosom in the highest heavens, where He was the cause as well as the model for all creation.  In the deepest of that immeasurable eternity was the Child of Bethlehem.  It is there where we should seek His beginnings that have not ever begun. It is there we have to date the genealogy of the Eternal Father who has no ancestors, and contemplate the life of infinite complacency He had there.

 The life of the Eternal Word in his Father’s bosom was a wonderful life, and yet, a sublime mystery, He seeks another dwelling place in a created mansion.  It was not because He lacked for happiness in his eternal mansion, but because in his infinite mercy He longed for the redemption and salvation of humankind, that without Him could not be fulfilled.  Adam’s sin had offended God and that great offense could not be forgiven but through the merits of the same God.  Adam’s descendants  had disobeyed Him  and deserved eternal punishment;  it was then necessary for their salvation and to satisfy their blame, that God, without leaving heaven, took human form on earth, and obedient to the designs of His Father, expiated the disobedience, ingratitude, and rebelliousness.  It was necessary, in accordance with his love, to take the form, weaknesses and systematic ignorance of men; to mature in order to obtain spiritual growth; to suffer in order to kill his passions and pride, and thus, the Eternal Word, burning with the desire to save mankind, decided to become man and redeem the sinner.